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Baffles – SounDesign



Baffles suspend vertically from exposed joists or trusses, or the ceiling; they reduce reverberation by absorbing sound instead of allowing it to reflect down to the occupied space below. Well suited for high ceiling spaces like gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, church sanctuaries, indoor pools, factories, atriums, and restaurants.

Baffles also provide a signature look to a space. We recommend baffles for aesthetics and cost based on ceiling height to best meet your design and budget requirements needs. If heights are greater than twenty feet, we recommend PVC baffles; sailcloth baffles are best used between twelve and twenty feet. Below twelve feet they become part of the room decor which demands architectural baffles which we specialize in. If you can think it up, we can find the best way to produce it.

Unsure of the best lay out? We can work with the dimensions of your space to develop a plan that dictates the coverage and layout, such as rows, egg crate, or other patterns.