About Us

Located in South Carolina, near Charlotte, NC, we specialize in the design and custom fabrication of acoustical products and graphic elements for commercial interior construction.

VISCO (Visual Products Company) began fabricating menu boards for ice cream shops in 1976, graduating to custom signage for supermarkets, pharmacies, and department stores. Over time, we found our true passion: making spaces look and sound better. Today, we are certified as a Woman-Owned Business by the South Carolina Office of Small & Minority Business Contracting & Certification (Certification #202183).

Sounding Better

For more than forty years now, we’ve been developing acoustic solutions for churches, schools, offices, banks, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. We take true pleasure in walking into a space, diagnosing acoustical issues and developing solutions.

Of course, we don’t need to see the space firsthand. We can just as easily look at architectural plans and specs and manufacture the requested products. Thanks to our experience, we can also review these and provide value engineering feedback.

Looking Better

Best of all, because we have a background in graphics fabrication, we offer special visual options, such as custom shapes, designs, and custom printing.

If you’re trying to resolve an acoustical issue, let’s talk. As experts in both diagnosing acoustic issues through our consulting services and producing the needed solution, we’re good at listening and making sure people are clearly heard.